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Mr. Joass Dead beside the road

In researching my Joass family from Scotland and then Australia after they came here i found a reference to to a John Joass died 1889 beside the road in the outback somewhere near Birdsville.

His horse also found dead near watering hole, it took quite some days before John Joass's body was found, in the heat of the outback the smell would have been unbearable.

I don't know if this man is a rellie or not but as the Joass name is a most unusual Scottish name it's highly likely he belongs to my family.

I have decided to see if he's connected to my family, it's amazing when researching what sort of info one can come across from time to time, there it was in NLA newspapers of the time.

It was quite common for people to perish in the Outback of thirst in those days, particularly when lost as this chap was.
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Saturday 30 March 1889

Country News.
I have to report the death of Mr. J.C. Joass, Who perished on the road between Roseberth and Salmonville. The deceased gentleman, who had been managing one of the stores in the township
during the absence of the owner, left here with the intention of going to Bedouri. Having got to Roseberth he seems to have changed his mind, and having got full instructions from Mr. Wyatt, the manager of Roseberth, he left the station with the intention of going to Salmonville. After setting within seven miles of Salmonville he mistook the way, and having wandered about on different roads, finally perished on the track lead ing to Roseberth. His horse was found dead in a waterhole. Mr. Joass's death is much regretted in the district; he was universally liked and respected. The remains of the unfortunate gentleman were not found until about ten days after he had left Roseberth.

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