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Mrs Fisher d. 1809 at Half Moon Inn Plymouth


Valued Member
near Boston Lincolnshire
Whilst browsing for something else I came across the following;

From Kentish Gazette Friday 13th Jan 1809

" Died Suddenly in the 61st year od her life, Mrs Fisher of the Half Moon Inn Plymouth. The deceased was so extremely corpulent that in order to remove her to a lower apartment, preparatory to her interment, they were obliged to take out the door frame and remove the staircase , no window in the Inn being sufficiently capacious to admit the enormous coffin to pass through "

Professionally, in this last decade, I was frequently involved in the problems of extracting bariatric patients from their homes in order to convey them to hospital, and had to arrange removal of doors and windows like this

I was suprised to find a case from 200 years ago, clearly not due to burgers and other takeaways. Perhaps the problem was bread and dripping?

Is anyone brave enough to claim this ancestor for their tree?


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