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MUNRO family


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Catherine Munro b. 16 Jan 1841 c. 18 Jan 1841 Farr, Sutherland, Scotland
- parents Angus Munro & Williamina MacKay

Qld. Marriage 1865/C0618 Lowry Robert - Munro Catherine

Qld. Death 1936/C03526 Loury Catherine - Angus Munro - Marian McKay

Last name LOWRY
First name(s) Catherine
Maiden name
Gender Female
Religion Presbyterian
Date of birth Date not available.
Date of death 24 September 1936
Date of burial 25 September 1936
Age at death 92 Years
Cemetery Drayton & Toowoomba
Interment number PRES3-006-0007

Just started searching the MUNRO family so that's all I have so far.
Only 38% coverage of Sutherland in FreeCEN.

I can't find the family in Sutherland in 1841.

I can't find Williamina in Scotland in 1841 or 1851.

I can't find Catherine using 1841 +/- born anywhere in Scotland and ca* or ka* for given name in Scotland in 1851.

I can't find any of the three in shipping records to Qld.

MUNRO Catherine 20 Admiral Lyons 1858 Sydney and/or Newcastle Reel 2138, [4/4795]

That one is from Durham. Does that rule her out? There is no 2nd shipping reel to get parents.

I can't see deaths in Qld. for her parents.
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The family are in the 1841 census for Clarkhill, Farr: Angus aged 30, shoemaker, Williamina 22, Catherine 4 months. All born in Sutherland.

Adults ages were supposed to be rounded down to the nearest 5 in the 1841 census, but this enumerator didn’t apparently follow the rules, so you probably have their correct ages.
Hello Elwyn,

Thank you very much.

That's handy about the ages.

Age is a bit out for the Catherine I found in shipping records. No sign of a birth reg in Co Durham 1846-1850 using ca* and ka* for given name, so it may be the right one.

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I cant even find a obituary or death notice for Catherine:rolleyes: No marriage notice that i can find neither. I wanted to see if any other Munro's were mentioned in family notices but it appears this lot were media shy.
Thanks for looking gibbo. I can't either.

Some interesting names for descendants:

1900/C03827 Loury Pretoria Irine Choffin - Robert - Mary Jenkins
1906/C03186 Loury Nelson Loury - Robert - Mary Jenkins
1910/B21989 Loury Leofrie Hamilton - Robert - Mary Jenkins
Yeah. Middle name Hamilton. :D

Hamilton Hume, Hamilton Burger, ... I can't think of many.
If i remember rightly when looking through the burials in Toowoomba, Leofrie Hamilton was buried there.

Nickname of Leftie i read somewhere.