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Murder most horrid


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The following case was reserved and stated for consideration and decision of the Court of Criminal Appeal, by Willes J. was proved The prisoners were convicted before me at the deceased Winter Gaol Delivery for the county of Derby of the manslaughter of another William Reaney inflicted on the 11th of October last. Part of the evidence consisted of a dying declaration in the following terms:
"October 23rd, 1856; William Reaney states. I am a filesmith, and live in Abbey Lane. On Saturday night, the 11th of October, I was returning home from my work at Messrs. Cammell & Johnsons, at Sheffield. About seven o'clock I called at Beighton's public-house in Little
I saw William Reaney the prisoner there, and asked him if he was going home soon. He said I need be in no hurry. I told him I must go soon as I had the club money to pay before nine o'clock. When I got up to come away William Reaney followed me to the door ; at that time James Reddish came up the street from the direction of the town, and William Reaney asked him if he had got any money. Reddish asked him what for, and Reaney said he wanted some bread and cheese, and I showed them a shop where they could get some. I then said to Reaney ' If thou is going to have some bread and cheese I must be off or I shall be too late.' I then came on my way home and called at William Boot's public-house at Heely on business and drank part of a pint of ale. I staid a few minutes and proceeded on my way. On arriving a little way from Derbyshire Lane, William Reaney and James Reddish overtook me. I accosted them first, saying ' You are come up.' On arriving at Derbyshire Lane a pot cart passed us, and Reddish got up behind and left me and William Reaney a short distance, and we came on together for about 200 yards, when William Reaney flew at me, struck me on the side of the head, and knocked me down. Whilst I was down he shouted out for ' Dick.' At the same time he gave me several punches upon the ribs. He then bent down over me, and I felt his hand about my face, and I bit his thumb. When down I asked him what he was going to do, and he said ' Blast thee, I will show thee what I am going to do.' At that time Reddish came back and Reaney told him I had bit him. Reddish replied, 'Blast him. Punch his bloody guts out.' I then cried out murder several times. I received several more kicks, but do not know which of them gave them to me ; they then both ran away. I got up and came forwards towards home. On arriving at the steps near the white houses I heard footsteps behind me. I was turning: round to see who it was, when I received a blow over the head and was knocked down. Whilst down I was punched several times. I am certain I was kicked by two men. I again cried out murder, and they gave over, and I raised myself up and saw Reaney cross the road and jump over into Gillott's field. I then got up and came on to the club house at Mrs. Siddon's, After stopping there I came home, and have not been out of bed siuce. I had not drank in the whole more than three pints of ale, and felt quite sober, and gave the prisoners no other provocation than what I have stated above. I have made this statement believing I shall not recover. William Reaney."
Just in case you are feeling confused there are 2 William Reaneys. I the murderer and the other the victim. What I want to know is where Mrs Siddons lived. I have established her name was Jane Siddons and that she was the proprietor of the Mason Arms in 1857 in Woodseats Norton Derbyshire. But can't find exact address.

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