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MURFITT family


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RG13 Piece 1461 Folio 118 Page 9
Civil Parish: Peterborough Within St John the Baptist
Ecclesiastical parish: Peterborough St John the Baptist
Town: Peterborough
County: Northamptonshire
Registration District: Peterborough
Sub-RD: Peterborough
ED: 15
Address: 1 Sweet Briar Walk
Charles Murfitt Head 27 Railway Porter Outwell Cambridgeshire
Rebecca Murfitt Wife 28 Outwell Cambridgeshire
Selina Murfitt Daughter 6 Outwell Cambridgeshire
Marie Murfitt Daughter 3 Months Peterborough Norths

I'd like a look up please for the family in 1891.


Looks as though they probably didn't marry until 1894..

Charles James Murfitt
Date of Registration: Q4 1894
RD: Wisbech
County: Cambridgeshire
Vol: 3b
Page: 1339

George William Chapman
Elizabeth Ling
Charles James Murfitt
Rebecca Ann Quince
John Rumbelow
Thanks Geoff.

I was chasing a Selina MURFITT but it seems there are two:

Marriages Dec Qtr 1914
Elsey Ernest R - Murfitt Ely 3b 1327
Murfitt Selina - Elsey Ely 3b 1327

This is the one I'm after:

Marriages Sep Qtr 1917
Murfitt Salina - Sarginson Chorlton 8c 1184
Sarginson Eric C - Murfitt Chorlton 8c 1184

Name: Selina Sarginson
Birth Date: 14 Mar 1895
Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1976
Age at Death: 81
Registration District: Hillingdon
Inferred County: Greater London
Volume: 13
Page: 984

1928 NZ Electoral Roll - Shortland - Awarua
SARGINSON Eric Carlisle, Stuart Street, Hawthorndale, electrician
SARGINSON Ena, Stuart Street, Hawthorndale, married

Arrived in England ?

Name: Eric C Sarginson
Birth Date: abt 1893
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1962
Age at Death: 69
Registration District: Uxbridge
Inferred County: Middlesex
Volume: 5f
Page: 123

Any later E/R in NZ to narrow down their arrival back in England.
From age at death this must be mine:

Births Jun 1895
MURFITT Selina Wisbech 3b 607

so that would be Outwell as per 1901.

Not this one:

Births Mar Qtr 1894
Murfitt Selina Ely 3b 544

which does not cover Outwell.

I'll be back in about 1 hour.
Ok, Dave...

There is this, he is with Eric C Jr and Selina...

Eric C Sarginson
Year: 1947
County or Borough: Middlesex
Ward or Division/Constituency: Spelthorne
Street address: 706 Rosedale
Reference Number: MR/PER/C/0741

And in 1935 with Selina...

Eric Carlisle-J Sarginson
Year: 1935
County or Borough: Hillingdon
Ward or Division/Constituency: Uxbridge
Street address: 32 (East Side

Coming out of the woodwork now :biggrin:

Eric Carlisle Sarginson
Year: 1934
County or Borough: Hillingdon
Ward or Division/Constituency: Uxbridge
Street address: 7 Denecroft Crescen

This looks like Selina and offspring...

Mrs S Sarginson
Birth Date: abt 1895
Age: 38
Port of Departure: Sydney, Australia
Arrival Date: 26 Oct 1933
Port of Arrival: London, England
Ports of Voyage: Brisbane
Ship Name: Orama
[Country of perm' add. NZ. Proposed UK add. C/O C J Murfitt, Peterbo'. With Miss D 14, Master E 12]

Thanks Geoff.

That's filled some gaps. No need to bother with 1891 now, not close enough to a main line.

I'll find another query.