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Hi Everyone,
Amongst some of the family photos I have, is one of an Orchestra:)... what is unusual about the photo is that all the members of this string Orchestra are female and related in the same family.They are all members of the Lowe family, consisting of Daughters, Sisters, Aunts and Mothers.Apparently, they where well known and very good!.The family was extremely proud of it's musical tradition and it was also customary that suitors to the girls, had to learn to play an instrument well, before they could ask for their hand in marriage.The relative I have, was from the Stockport area and the photo is from between c1880-1890's period.The musical tradition continued even when she married as her own family children where members of a Brass band and one of those in the Great War, was a Regimental Cornet Player.He played many times over the fields of France and Belgium.:( kerrymac.....Have any of your family or relatives played musical instruments,or attempted to?:eek: :) .