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Mutilated pies


Loyal Member
Charters Towers queensland
I should have known better than try and be domesticated:rolleyes:

Had the grandkids for the day and was wondering what we could do to amuse ourselves. Then i had this bright idea of making pies with some frozen puff pastry i had and left over stew from last night. It wasnt a real bright idea:eek:

It all started of well and good :rolleyes:
Found the muffin tray i had, that was good, 12 little pies could be made in that real easy:biggrin: We had a ball cutting the pastry to fit and yakking away. Greased the tray and fitted the pastry to the bottem then filled them with strew and popped a pastry lid on them. Even did some fancy work on the top of them, they looked real pretty :biggrin:

THEN .... I must have overfilled them and its all through the floor of my oven and to make things worse we couldnt get them out of the tray:mad: And i had greased the tray to:confused: Couldnt even see the fancy work on the top of them much neither cause of when they boiled over and out of the pastry it covered all that art work:mad: Then grandaughter said "Grandma your not laughing like you do" Grandma didnt feel like laughing at the time:rolleyes:

They smelt great tho so we just used a spoon and scooped what we could out of the tray and ate them:biggrin: And they tasted just as good as they would have even if they looked pretty:biggrin:

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