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My Apprenticeship Deeds.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
Whilst having a sort out of old bags and boxes, I came across my old deed and a certificate of apprenticeship.
This was a contract between employer(Master) and parent(Guardian) and apprentice(me).
Mr.Joseph Bowler, with who my apprenticeship with, was a truly nice chap.

His buiseness was a small engineering firm in Downley, High Wycombe. He covered most things from plumbing and heating(industrial and domesic), and also dust extraction systems for the many furniture manufacturers in the area.
He would also take on just about anything that would involve the use of flat iron bars and tubing. eg. Handrails for outside steps and stairs etc.

In fact, if he thought we could do a job, it was done.

So this got me thinking to the first job that I was allowed to do on my own.
This was a small fence repair on an old house close to the workshop, as I wasn't old enough to drive then.
It involved taking down an old dividing fence between two cottages, and rebuilding it with angle iron and flat iron, with oak staves fixed to the horizontal flat iron, which in turn were fixed to the upright angle iron that had been concreted in the ground.
My boss said...."make a really good job of it, I want it to last for years".

This was a non-paying job, as it was for a pensioner of the village of Downley. He did quite a few of these sort of jobs, and was renowned for it.

Anyway, this got me thinking.........."would it still be there after 39 years".

So onto 'google streets' I went, and yes.....it is still there. Number 107, Littleworth Rd. Downley if anyones interested.

The fence is only about 2ft 6ins high, and 10ft long. and goes from the road to the front door, on the right hand side of the step leading up to the house.

I was amazed to find it still there, but I did make a good job of it, if I say so myself.

Happy memories.:) :)

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