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My Brick Wall

I'm clutching at straws I know, but nothing ventured, nothing gained: :)

Having traced my paternal, KING, line back into medieval Monks Risborough,BKM I then tackled my maternal, TIMMS, line in nearby Bedfordshire. Although I've traced then way back into the 1600s (in Woburn), I have been frustrated for years by a later missing marriage. :(

This is, or should be, between John TIMMS and Deborah Unknown. Since various records show this couple to have baptised their first child, Daniel, 30th April 1786 at Astwood,BKM, it seems reasonable to assume that they'd have (a) married in the established church and (b) done so somewhere nearby.

Zilch!! I've been looking for seemingly ever. Any miracle workers out there PLEASE !!!

From a brilliantly sunny and warm S W France,

Redvers King
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Hi 'Cousin' Redvers,

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Your Fanny(Frances)King married my G.G.grandad John Ives. We've 'met' before on Genes R......

Found this link to Astwood, Newport Pagnel. It appears the the Astwood parish Registers have been deposited at the Buckingham Records Office in Aylesbury, Bucks.
I would guess that you know this, but just in case.



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