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My college days 1998-2000.


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I think my 2 years at college were two of the best years of my life. I studied NVQ IT at Great Yarmouth College.

I did start a 3rd year in September 2000 an admin course but decided to quit as I wanted to get a job, and much of the course was a lot of stuff I already knew.

I have not studied at the college since and didn't even visit the place until 2006. However, my connection with the college is back as my mum goes for a facial from September to June and if my 4 day off falls on one of those days I go with her, we have dinner, I go up the town then come back when she finishes. In the past year I must have visited the college at least 15 times.

I remember my first ever day. I got off the bus in the town centre and walked to the college. This was in mid September 1998. I remember walking through the streets of terraced houses towards the college.

My week timetable was not all day training. I had Tuesday off in my first year and often had a free period from 11 until 2 for 2 days of the week and another day I had a morning and mid afternoon lesson then finished by 1.15 and sometimes waited for the college bus to pick me up at 4 from the town bus station after it had left the college but in the end I got a normal bus outside a pub at about 1.40 and went home.

All this free time meant I had to hang around a lot up town inbetween lessons.

The college refectory has changed a lot since I was there.


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