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My Dead Duck.


Loyal Member
swindon wilts
My pet duck toppled over,i was sure it was dead,so i took it to the vet who almost without looking confirmed this.
I loved my duck...how can you be sure i say...you didn't do any tests...you almost didn't look at my poor duck.
With this the vet opens his door and his pet labrador waltzes in and sniffs the duck for a few moments....then he nods his head sombrely in a no motion to the vet and walks out.
The vet clicks his fingers and his pet cat walks in.....sniffs the duck and listens to the ducks chest......it also shakes his head sombrely to the vet in a no motion....like the labrador the cat confirms the duck is indeed dead.

Shockingly the vet gives me a bill for £200.....i am aghast,why so much i ask in total dismay.
Well says the vet....origanaly when i told you the duck was dead the bill was only £20,but after you questioned my judgement,i decided to get a Lab report and Cat scan done...........which are both very expensive i am afraid:)

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