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my elusive g.grandfather George

Hi,my name is Sue. I'm trying to find the death reg of my greatgrandfather,George David Remington King.You'd think with a name like that it would be easy but it hasn't worked out so.He was born in Brighton in 1875 to George Michael King and Clara King nee Goddard,both died the same year that George was born.A family member seems to think he died in Haywards Heath but that has proved fruitless.There is an entry for Middlesex - George DM King 1949 aged 73 which would be around the time he probable died but how do you know? I'd really appreciate any advice.Need a really good detective out there.
On ancestry, I've found the following:

on the 1891 census there's a George D B King living in Steyning with his (maternal) grandparents (when you look at the original the B looks more like an R, birth place and dates are correct).

George married a Mabel Bristow Q1 1900, in Thakeham in Sussex (she was born in Wiston Q1 1876, the same time as George). Thakeham is around 10 miles from Haywards Heath, close to Wiston.

In the 1901 census they are living in Steyning with their 3-week-old daughter Kathleen (Kinalda) King, with George presumably an assistant in his grandfather's grocer's shop.

Getting copies of his marriage certificate would confirm his wife's name, and maybe someone remembers a great aunt Kathleen. Her birth certificate might give some more info.

Kathleen married a Mr. Page in Steyning in Q1 1923. Her marriage certificate would tell you if George was still alive then.

Four people on genes reunited have a Kathleen King b. 1901 in Steyning in their family trees; I'm sure one of them would know more.

George King is too common a name for me to find a death record, although you may have more time. He isn't recorded in the Commonwealth War Graves website, so he probably survived the Great War. You could search for when and where Mabel died. I'd contact these nice people at the Steyning museum, who have transcrips of the parish records (although be aware that George's granfather was a Weslyan preacher as well as a grocer):

Chris Tod, the Museum Curator
Telephone: 01903 813333
Email: contact@steyningmuseum.org.uk .

I think you'd find the answers there. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for replying to my message,didn't mean to confuse but it is only George's death record that I can't find.I have all the info that you kindly found for me,Kathleen was my grandmother and through my cousin I do know about George until about 1940.Family doesn't know when he died because the marriage between him and Mabel broke up in 1919.Thanks again for your time.Susan.
A possibilty that this may be the birth of the George DM King who you found the death for. George Donald Mac M King 1875 Middx (as listed on the birth index).
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George's middle names were David Remington and he was born in Brighton so this cannot be him.Don't think he would have changed his name for any reason but you never know as he was estranged from his family.Thanks for your help.
Dont know if you have this, but here goes.

British Army WW1 Medal Rolls Index Card

George DR King
Regiment of Corps
Army Service Corps
Regimental no. T4/084037