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My first-time, HELP!!

Hello everyone out there, this is my first ever message to anyone on this type of site. I've been researching mine and my Husband's families on and off for about 3 years and now, like everyone, at some time or another, I've got to one of those frustrating phases of nothing happening.
The names we've got are Retter and Linscott from Devon, Jago and Salmon from Cornwall and Everitt from Suffolk. Those have been the easy ones ! We've also got Proft and Leipnik from Bohemia and Moravia, but the worst of all are the Jones family from Ireland !
If there's anything more frustrating than doing your own research it's having to pay someone from another country to do it for you. My sister and I recently contacted a researcher in Prague (for Proft) with so far very little success and as the weeks go by we get more and more impatient. Does anyone else have experience of anything similar ?
Hi Katiejane welcome to the FHUK forum
you will find everyone on FHUK very friendly and helpful, we have all been frustrated :confused: from time to time, but I can tell you that we will try and ease those frustrations you have, just post your questions with as much information that you have on the appropriate forum and we will do our best to further your research, in my opinion you are now a member of the best research forum site on the net:) so post your questions we are waiting:biggrin: best regards sterico O0