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My Grandfather's 1st Marriage - I have the certificate, did he have children?

I wonder if anyone can help me? My Grandfather married for the 1st time in 1904 at 21 years old. I have this marriage certificate. He then re-married my grandmother in the 1940's. He was 31 years older than my Grandmoether being born in 1882, whilst my grandmother was born in 1913.

I know he had children from his 1st Marriage in 1904, and these would be 1/2 brothers or sisters to my father, but he never talked about this to my father, and my grandmother never talked about this to my father either. My Grandfather died in 1968 when my father was only 20, and my grandmother passed away in 2006.

As I said, I have obtained the marriage certificate of my Grandfather's marriage to his first wife in 1904. I also have obtained a copy of my grandfather's birth certificate in 1882.

I am quite new to this game, and wondering if there is any way that I can obtain the details of the children my Grandfather had with his 1st wife? No census details are available past 1901 (even though I understand that some details of the 1911 census are now available) so I can't go down that route. Is there any other way that I can find out how many children my grandfather had during his 1st marriage, and what their names were. There is a good chance that most of his children from the 1st marriage in 1904 have passed away, but i would also like to find out if they had any children, which would be my 1/2 1st Cousins - if there is such a thing!

If more details are needed, I am more than willing to post them, but I was wondering firstly if you had any tips on the route I should take to obtain these details.

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