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My Grandmother Grainger

My grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Grainger, was b. 1900, Cargil Bruce County, On., Canada d. 1958, Chatham, On., Canada. She was married to Carman Emmitt Dodman. I have traced her line back to this point...

John Granger ( yes no i ) b. 1550 Isle of Wight, Calbourne Parish, England - d. 1590 Isle of Wight. John was married to Elizabeth Harvey Smith b. 1547 - d. 1575 Isle of Wight. John's father was John Granger b. 1520 Isle of Wight - d. 1549 Shropeshire, England. His spouse was Grace ? Eastwell, Kent, England - d. 1599 Plymouth, Massachusets.

John Granger's ( 1520 ) father was a Mr. Granger b. 1490 - d. 1519 Calbourne Parish, Isle of Wight. His father was a Mr. LeGranger b. 1450 - d. 1489 Calbourne Parish, Isle of Wight. His father was Mr. Le Granger
b. 1420 - d. 1449 Calbourne Parish, Isle of Wight.

During my searching I also have found this information, LeGranger's b. 1420 father was Mr. LeGranger b. 1390 - d. 1419 Isle of Wight. His father was Mr LeGranger b. 1350 England & finally his father Mr. LeGranger b. 1325 England.

Is it "AT ALL POSSIBLE TO CONFIRM " most of this letter?

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There may be some value looking at John Granger, b. 1550, Calbourne on familysearch.org there are 3 pedigree resource files that appear to agree with some of your text. There are also some ordinary entries for Newport, Hampshire (? IOW). Since the format has changed on there recently, it would be prudent to get verification where possible.

There are some trees on Anc., also with similar info.

This may be the Shropshire death you refer to.
UK Extracted Probate Records. (Can also be found on Anc.)
Text: 1549 Granger, John 4
Book: Baptisms and Burials, 1769-1799. (Baptism)
Collection: Shropshire: Lichfield - Wills and Administrations, 1516-1652

Hope this helps a little.