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My Great Uncle


Could any body help in identifying this Uniform, he was my great uncle was born in Bristol 1891 he could be a Pow or Cook. Nown to my Farther as Uncle Will.
My late Farther had a badge which I think was the Gloucesters [ not sure I spelt that right ] My Farther was very proud to have this photo.

Regards Bazzal
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Hi Barry

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This is my Great Uncle Will his surname is Cook OR Pow. My farther was very proud of his Uncle as well as his farther who was in the Royal Flying Corps.
My farther had a badge Gloucester s and I know it was not my Grand Fathers. Please can any one help.I did load a attachment,no idea were its gone hope you can see it.
Regards Barry

He was born in Bristol 1893 if he was a Cook
Thanks again


  • Uncle Will Grand Farthers Brother copy.jpg
    Uncle Will Grand Farthers Brother copy.jpg
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