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My Gt.Gt.Gt. Granchildren


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
I often wonder, if and when I get G.G.G.grandchildren if they would think about tracing their rellies back as we do.
If whatever I've collected survives, and they look through it, would they care.
If it does not survive, and they start chasing me down, they would have a horrendous job.
From 1953 - 1971 would be a breeze. From 1974 - 1981 would not be too bad. From 1982 to 1990 will be awkward. But from 1991 - to the present would be an absolute nightmare.

I have changed counties 4 times, moved 7 times, divorced and remarried and left the country. And I've still got a way to go yet for my paper trail to end.

I wonder what will be available for research in 100 or so years time.:rolleyes:

My future rellies will see yours on here I suspect.:biggrin: :biggrin: