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My hectic evening nosh.


swindon wilts
Can i take your coat sir he said....yes i replied and the blighter ran out of the restaurant with it!..anyway i took my seat in anticapation of a good meal.
With all kinds of food on the menu the waiter began by bringing me some vino out....offering me the bottle he says wine sir?....so i did eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaooooooooooooo,in a high pitched drone...with that he brings out the starters....frogs legs sir...now ime starting to get annoyed with the insults....i liked the look of the exotic potatoes of the night...mash or boiled it turned out.
The decision was taken to have the skinheads on rafts...beans on toast while my friend had a curry...vindaloo...ware he has been most of the day.
The head waiter informed me it was normal to leave a tip...so i told him i quite fancied Mr Magoo in the 2.20 at Epsom...Goodnight sir he said...come back soon!