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My Nanny Barfoot.


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swindon wilts
Hope you dont mind me telling you about,my nan Millicent Barfoot,my dads mother...because i was braught up in care i didnt meet her untill i was 30...she was 91 and her memory was nearly gone,when i first met her just for a few seconds she recognised my name and smiled..sadly she didnt make a hundred years old but what a life she had..the Barfoots of Hedge End were a very large clan and lived of the land,my nanny Millies dad had a very lucrative buisness and he is listed as a Market gardener on the census and alot of the Barfoots from far and wide came to Hedge End to work on the land,already a young lady during WW1 she went into service during these years and married just after..they had 3 children one of them being my dad(the black sheep!).
Already a middle aged lady during WW2 her and my grandad opened a grocers shop in Bitterne and most of the produce was what they grew on the land,they didnt make a bundle because of there generosity to the local population...many of them were bombed out of there homes because Southampton got the full force but ive been told many tales of there time at there shop.Because of her time in service she was a great cook and after the early death of her husband in the fifties she worked till she was in her seventies..she would regularly ride a moped to church in he eightees..i am slowly trying to put the bits of my roots together,i know alot of her dads family served in the Boer war...though sad i didnt know my nan as a child it was a very proud moment for me when i did get to know this grand old lady in her latter years...and because of sites like this and the peoples help on here i will endeavour to find out more about her...and others.