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My Old Milkman.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I recieved in the post yesterday, an illustrated book called "Princes Risborough Past".
As mentioned before in other posts, this is my home town.
I finished reading it today and had to post these pictures, of my old milkman Stan Woods with brothers Ron and Reg, and cousin Connie.
Picture is taken outside of 'Town Farm' in 1909 with Mrs. Woods.
The other picture was taken almost 50yrs later, with Stan Woods, stood on the right near the car, driving the cattle back to the fields after milking.
The actual farm dates back to the early 18th century, and is in great condition now, after some minor refurbishment.
To the right of where the Woods family are standing, is the entrance to the yard and milking parlour which is behind the house. It's all still there now, but not a farm.

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Steve.:) :)
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Hi Steve

Great photo. Imagine having two brothers called Ron and Reg though. Ronnie and Reggie, as in the Kray twins. :'(