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My Uncles Story.


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Hi all. This is my Uncle Johns story.

If it is in anyway a problem, then I hope the moderators withdraw it.

Although some of the details are a bit sketchy, most of what happened only come to light after he died. And a bit of the authors poetic licence.

John was born just a year before the end of WW1, obviously the result of his fathers brief home visit whilst being re-posted. He never saw his father until 1920 when he was demobbed.
His early life was no different than most other men, worked, played and rarely drank alcohol, even though the family lived literally next door to a pub.
I do believe he had an accident at work, causing ahead injury, which resulted in him having a slow nature.
He married in 1942, to the lady who would later figure greatly in this tragic story.
His elder sister Hilda, who held most of the family details which I often refer to, and thank her most dearly for doing so. She sadly died in 2004 at the age of 95. A legend in her own right.
Hilda married in 1943, and I assume it was a happy one. She never had any children, which will become apparent why, as this story unfolds. Her husband was also to play a hand of Uncle John's 'demise'.

It turned out that Hilda's husband became more than familiar with his sister-in-law, Uncle Johns wife. And the two of them started a relationship, in my opinion seemed a bit warped to say the least.
They eventually made their feelings known to their respective partners, and things took a turn for the worse.
The time scale in these events are not known, but it could have been within 6-7 years of their respective marriages.
Hilda's husband asked her for a divorce which she immediately turned down, and wanted to make him 'suffer' for the hurt that she felt.

Uncle Johns wife, at the same time asked for a divorce also, but she was declined also, and for the reason that he still loved her, even though he had been betrayed by her.

This couple had no recourse, other than to 'live in sin', and so that's what happened.
But Uncle John's wife went to see him again for another request for a divorce. At the time of her asking, he was cutting some bread in the kitchen and he turned and said he still loved her, and would never divorce her.

Years passed, and as said before, John ended up in a mental institution for reasons, as a child, I knew nothing about. On occasions at Christmas, he would come over to our house, along with Aunt Hilda(his sister) for the day, and I will remember him as a soft and gentle man, almost child like. Now whether he was on some sort of drug regime, I don't know, but I suspect that he may have been.
During these later years, my Aunt Hilda informed me that I was at school with a cousin, who I knew nothing of. She then explained that he was the child of this 'sinful' adulterous partnership, and so was an unofficial cousin, if you understand. She never gave me his name, so I could not seek him out.

Now let us go back.
This couple obviously were desperate to get married, and here is what happened.
As I said before Uncle John's wife asked again for a divorce (when he was cutting bread), she screamed and shouted at him and neighbours ran in the house to see what was up.
She accused him of attacking her with the knife and threatening to kill her. So the police were called and he was arrested.

He went to court and was convicted of assault and threatening behaviour, and because of his previous head injury, which was brought into evidence, he was committed to a psychiatric facility from which he never left.

Hilda's husband tried to get back with her, for reasons I don't know. But the upshot was, he bought the home she was born and lived in all her life, and signed it over to her and he never lived lived there.

In 1974, Hilda finally divorced him, and I never did find out why she held out for so long.

John was released from the institution but never could re-establish himself in the outside world, he had become institutionalised, and so remained an inmate although working there.
I found my 'cousin', he was 1 year younger than I, he knew we were related somehow, and mentioned the fact at our School. He sadly died too young, leaving a family.

I don't know, nor care, what happened to my Uncles and Aunts ex's, nor do I want to.
Uncle John's ex wife had lied about the attack, and had only done so to get her divorce, which was granted for his 'behavior' towards her.

If he had gone to prison for his so called crime, he would have done about 6months. But the divorce may not have happened as quick. So the point was made about his earlier head trauma, to seal his fate.
So, in the end, they never got married, and a good mans life was ruined for nothing.

So John, my Uncle, and a relative stranger, died with love of his sister Hilda, who continually visited him as long as she was able.

And I hope 'that' women got her just desserts, wherever or whatever that may have been.
All those concerned, are now passed on. So now has this story of love and betrayal can be told.

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