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My wonky Internet


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
My B/bnad keeps going of, phoned them up, and it's the atmospherics apparently.

Sattelite B/band is not too good when the lightening strikes, and rain sheets down. So until the weather sorts itself out, I'll be here when I can.

I suppose next time it'll be snow, or leaves in the air.:2fun:

At the moment, it's running that slow, I'd be better sending letters via slug mail.

Tara fer now.

There's always morse code or semaphore?

I'm too young to know about such old technology.>:D:2fun:

But how would I place photo's of my good looking, debonair, handsome, and athletic, and delusional self on here.:rolleyes::2fun:

I'm very good at hand signals though, especially when driving.:eek::2fun:

As usual Brian, my B'band is very hit and miss.......every time I hit the button, I 'miss time' the connection.:rolleyes:

Keep dry where you are, in the same way I am in the wetlands of Roscommon.:biggrin:

Talking about internet, looks like i wont have it for a bit as from the week end:eek:
Moving to another unit and they say i cant get internet until they sort the NBN out for the new unit. They couldnt tell me for how long, actually they couldnt tell me much at all. Stupid NBN, its caused more trouble for people than its worth :mad:

If having no internet gets to much i will just get a pre paid thingy:biggrin:
Gibbo, between you and Steve, I think there's no such thing as how wonderful all this modern technology has improved our lives. Perhaps it's time to bring back pigeons as well as morse code and semaphore?:2fun::2fun:
I suppose there's a lot advantages having a home on top of a mountain, Steve, not only do you get a view but every satellite will see what your doing and make sure you're switched on?:2fun::2fun:
Mind you, I've just been off for 3 days, SKY told me there was a fault outside somewhere and it could have taken anything between 3 & 5 days, so as it was only three days, I've been lucky! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
Well, it went again.:rolleyes:

Should be back online on the 28th, with luck.

I'm at the library, but not my local one. The opening hours there have been reduced again, down to 3 days, and half the hours in those 3 days.:mad::mad:

45 mile round trip is not my idea of internet access.:rolleyes:

Hope everyone is behaving.:2fun:

Toodles for now, Steve.:)
Bored? Impossible on this site, so much can be learnt from so many super people. Still, I suppose we could be bored if perfection existed and we could all find a way through the brick walls the first time?:2fun::2fun::2fun:
I'm having problems at the moment as well. The internet connection keeps dropping in and out. If it goes off we have discovered that it will come back if we use the phone!

I did try contacting our supplier but after about ten minutes of listening to a female robot asking stupid questions and telling me how busy both they and Openreach were, she then told me that I would have to hang on for at least 25 minutes in order to speak to an engineer. As I'm not a very patient person I gave up at that point.

I sometimes wonder how these companies justify their charges. Bet they don't pay tax either!