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Mystery Stevens family. Intruder alert.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I have been looking back through my 'old' tree, and came across a family of Stevens that was either added by me, in the early days, or my cousin who added them, while messing up my tree for me. (Which I am now in the process of doing another one).

At present I have been working through(with reliable help), my Stevens line this last week, and whilst researching for records, I was told......"This record is attached to your Tree.".:eek:

'What'......I thought.......'this is not my rellie'. :eek:

On closer inspection of this Stevens chap, there are no links to any part of my tree, even the old one, nor the new one. They were not even 'in laws'.
I guess my cousin noticed they were wrong, and never deleted them. Well they can remain there, until I can be bothered to delete some 80+ Male Stevens, and their partners and children from the old tree. I'm checking the female Stevens at the moment, just in case.

I wish they were mine, coz they are quite easy to find, and I have the PR CD for the Parish.:rolleyes:

Oh well....could be worse.:2fun:

Always seem to be the wrong line that is easier to research than the right line, or the wrong line is more interesting, and you then find you have to hack off a branch of your tree.
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I think I may have spoke too soon Ben.:rolleyes:

There are several children born to Thomas & Jane Stevens in Great Kimble, Bucks.
One of which, is William Stephens, 1792, Great Kimble,.....he's easy to track, as William Stevens. Other children baptised from 1782 to 1796.

Burial - 5 Aug 1818. Jane STEVENS aged 60 of Great Kimble.
Burial - 19 May 1833 Thomas STEVENS aged 79 of Great Kimble.

Now here's the kicker......My 3x Grandfather, William Stevens, was baptised 1801, Monks Risborough, Bucks, to a Thomas & Jane Stevens.

Only one marriage in Bucks(BucksFHS marriage search)......!!!

15 Oct 1780 @ Adstock, Buckinghamshire. (Servant of which has not gained settlement). William Stevens to Jane Franklin.

What is the likelyhood of baptising 2 William Stevens, one in 1792, the other in 1801, 3 miles away in Monks Risborough, to same parents.

I think I need to find another marriage, for my William's parents, or vice versa.:'(

Can you find a death for the William born 1792? It could be the same family and if the first William died they could have named another son William.

As far as I can tell, William Stevens 1791. Great Kimble, dies 1873. Amersham Dist. age at death is 83.
His y.o.b is pretty constant through the census, in Little Hampden, Bucks.

And to be honest, It's been such a while since I've looked at my William Stevens, I'm beginning to doubt his age of y.o.b as 1801.

Deaths for c1856, give an age at death of 88(1856) or 89(1854)....so both deaths would be wrong, given his y.o.b as 1801.(taken from 1841/1851 Census ).

Early this morning, I've asked for a burial search from 1800 & 1900, and another baptism search from 1750 to 1850.

I'll have a rethink when I get the results.

His wife Rebecca Rogers, the figures do not add up. Age in 1841 census(35 ), b.1806, burial age of 45, death reg gives an age of 49. in 1844. Wycombe R.D.

Maybe age in the death/burial, has been confused with the numbers......45 and 49. ??

I'm not a happy bunny.:'(

I have my suspicions he was baptised in 1795 in Dinton, to Francis & Sarah, which would make more sence with one of those deaths.

The reason I say this, is the fact that his two sons, John, and my William Stevens(jnr.) were both baptised there, being 'of Meadle, Monks Risborough'.
These baptisms are online, but only in transcription.

Some time ago.....going on 7 or 8 years, some person who had rellies in Dinton, did some research for me, and sent me an Excel file with Stevens baptisms in Dinton.
I just found this on my old computer.:rolleyes:

However, I am still waiting for BucksFHS to get back to me. I've paid, so the results should be imminent.

I have just got the results of Baptisms(1750-1850 ), and burials(1800- 1900 ), from BucksFHS.:)

Burial - 1868. William Stevens, aged 85, of Owlswick, Monks Risborough.
Burial - 1877. William Stevens, aged 8 months, of Meadle, Monks Risborough.

So a possible birth year of 1783 .:confused:

I think I may have the wrong census returns, and need to look again.:rolleyes:

Only baptism in Monks Risborough that might fit. 23 Mar 1783, to William & Elizabeth.:rolleyes:

One that may also fit, is in Dinton, Bucks. 1783, son of Daniel & Elizabeth Stevens.

Meadle is just down the road from Monks Risborough.....about a mile. Dinton is in the same direction, but further away.....about 6 miles away. Owlswick is about 2 miles.

I'll have to work this out again, and find what I need to find, somewhere, some how. My Subs for Ancestree run out at 12 midnight.:':)'(

Did William Stevens marry twice, once to Elizabeth, and then to the Rogers chick.;):2fun:

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That can be the problem with a pretty common name like William Stevens. And when there are 2 or 3 of them born in the same cluster of villages over a period of 10 years or so.

Are they having the last laugh? :(
I think I'd better start from the beginning.....almost.:rolleyes:

My Grandmother Julia Stevens, b.20th Oct 1881. Meadle, Monks Risborough.

Father, George Stevens,(b.19th July 1851. (mmn. Jarvis.). Meadle, Monks Risborough.
Mother, Ruth Allen, b.1854. Ilmer, Bucks.

George Stevens marriage cert to Ruth, states father, William Stevens, Labouer, as does birth cert.

William Stevens, married Sarah Jarvis, 15th April. 1847, at Monks Risborough, Bucks.
Father name. William Stevens, Occ.Higgler.

William Stevens, baptised, 19th March 1826 at Monks Risborough, to William & Rebecca Stevens. Occ. Labourer of Meadle, Monks Risborough.
John Stevens, baptised, 7 Nov 1824. Monks Risborough, to William & Rebecca Stevens. Occ. Higgler.of Meadle, Monks Risborough.

Up to the point of baptisms, certs were bought for marriages and births, of George Stevens, Ruth Allen, Julia Stevens. And the marriage cert for William Stevens to Sarah Jarvis.

As far as I've found out, William Stevens married Rebecca Rogers, 6 Nov 1823, Monks Risborough.

Rebecca Rogers dies 1844. No cert bought. y.o.b in 1841 census, is 1806.

William Stevens y.o.b seems to be, 1801, Monks Risborough, according to 1841 & 1851 census. As we all know, ages are not often that accurate, with rounding.

No death found, that backs his age up. No burial found as yet.(I'm still browsing the burial records for Bucks). Also, he may not have died in Bucks, which will throw up a big problem.

If anyone can find his death, with an age that fits, or throw in any other ideas, I'll be grateful.

Thanks for bearing with me.:rolleyes:

I can see in 1873 there was 2 William Stevens deaths in Wycombe district and both the same age, 85, one in the March qtr and one in the Dec qtr. I take it you have these 2 possible deaths? You say yours died in the Amersham district though, so you think so far.
I can see in 1873 there was 2 William Stevens deaths in Wycombe district and both the same age, 85, one in the March qtr and one in the Dec qtr. I take it you have these 2 possible deaths? You say yours died in the Amersham district though, so you think so far.

No Ben. That William Stevens that dies in Amersham Dist. is the one baptised at Great Kimble, in 1792. #1. ;)

Living at Little Hampden, Bucks. Although Little Hampden is in the Hundred of Aylesbury, it's the Poor Law District: Wycombe. BUT....most head for Amersham to die.:biggrin:


Amersham Burial - 20 Feb 1874 William STEVENS aged 81 of Amersham. (A birth year c1793 ).
There is a death for William Stevens in 1859, Aylesbury. GRO give an age of 57. So a possible birth year of c1802.

No burial that matches though. I wonder if he ended up in Stone, Asylum, Aylesbury district.
Burials occured there, but do not appear in any database.

That cert, maybe worth sending for.

That death would certainly fit for the William Stevens born 1801 according to the Censuses. I ignored that one as I was looking for deaths in Wycombe RD.

That death would certainly fit for the William Stevens born 1801 according to the Censuses. I ignored that one as I was looking for deaths in Wycombe RD.


I thought the same MLT, as I can't see anything else. I'll order that in the weeks to come.:)

Having spent ages going through the GRO for deaths(ages), within the area, from 1850 to 1865.......this seems to be the most valid.

Thame, Aylesbury, Wycombe and Leighton Buzzard, and finally Amersham........and pretty much expanded the search from those. But no burials that match the age of 1801 exist in Bucks. So my only conclusion was the Asylum in Stone.

I had this once before, with an Ann Ives, who was in Stone Asylum. It turned out the Asylum had it's own burial ground. She was buried in 1898 at the Asylum. What is a shame, Stone Church is only a few hundred yards away. I did buy that cert.

Bucks Herald 7 Jan 1899.
IVES - At the Asylum, Stone, on the 27th ult, Ann Ives (late of Amersham), aged 75 years

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If anyone can find anything to add....please do. But not for the Kimble Stevens(yet).:rolleyes::2fun:

No access to Anc. now, so I'll be trying to figure this out at a later date.

Thanks for the help so far.O0