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Mystery Stevens family. Intruder alert.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
I have been looking back through my 'old' tree, and came across a family of Stevens that was either added by me, in the early days, or my cousin who added them, while messing up my tree for me. (Which I am now in the process of doing another one).

At present I have been working through(with reliable help), my Stevens line this last week, and whilst researching for records, I was told......"This record is attached to your Tree.".:eek:

'What'......I thought.......'this is not my rellie'. :eek:

On closer inspection of this Stevens chap, there are no links to any part of my tree, even the old one, nor the new one. They were not even 'in laws'.
I guess my cousin noticed they were wrong, and never deleted them. Well they can remain there, until I can be bothered to delete some 80+ Male Stevens, and their partners and children from the old tree. I'm checking the female Stevens at the moment, just in case.

I wish they were mine, coz they are quite easy to find, and I have the PR CD for the Parish.:rolleyes:

Oh well....could be worse.:2fun:


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