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NAC visit


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March, Cambs
Hello everybody ;D

In about six weeks time (hopefully), I will be taking a trip down to the National Archives Centre to do some more research on my family tree. Is there anything that I can look up for anybody? Please note, that I will NOT be able to get certificates due to the expense but I am more than willing to bring info back with me and post it here. Let me know what you need - please try to give me as much info as you can to make my job easier and quicker!!


pee wee

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Hillbank, Sth Australia
:)Hi Dawn,

Thanks for the offer.
I have been trying to find a record for my grandfather
Edwin Thomas Coleman
Born 1889 in Broughton I think , Died 1969 in Kettering

Married Edith Riches
Born 14/2/1890 in Norfolk I think, Died 1/2/1980 in Kettering

Don't know Edwins parents, His sibblings are Albert, Polly & Jack. Jack died at the "Battle of Mons " which was in 1914.

Ediths parents were Benjamin & Susannah Riches.

Anything you could find on Edwin would be great. I have been getting all my info from an elderly aunt who, as all elderly do, remembers things in stages.

Thanks again

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