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Name chages - reasons and where to look

Name changes - reasons and where to look

I have recently started the research into my family tree, and although the basics are easily understood (erm spoke too soon??) I have hit an unusual detail.

My mothers side was particularily difficult as my mother knew nothing other than her parents names and her mothers maiden name. She had no first names for any other family member.

I have tracked down and have a copy of my mothers' mothers' birth certificate but under name, surname and maiden name there is a curious entry of

Amy HAYES, Late Daly, Formerly Jones.

Am i correct in the assumption that Jones would be the Mainden name and that she was married before?

Because of the name change i cannot assume anything about where she may ahve previously married etc and therefore the needle is now to be found in any number of haystacks!

There is also a family stor that Amy was a trainne NUN at the time of being swept off here feet my John Hayes, although it may mean that she was in a church run orphanage?

I am somewhat stalled so any advice or help would be welcomed.
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