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Nan and aunt sent down to Essex on a government scheme?


Staff member

My nan Connie Musgrave born May 1920 and her sister Mabel Musgrave born September 1921 in Auckland, Durham moved down to Essex in about 1934 to work in a sewing factory in Southend. Their younger brother born September 1923 stayed in Durham. Nan and great aunty Mabel apparently moved down to Essex on a government scheme. Mum says nan was about 13 and Mabel about 12. This makes them move about 1933-1934. A very important stage in their lives. Their mum Catherine died in March 1930 aged 40. Connie and Mabel were sent to live with other rellies and their dad remarried on 1 October 1931.

Mum says they lived in the area of Southend around where the Kursaal was and stayed with a lady who owned or ran a B&B. At my great aunty Mabel's funeral in 1999 the vicar gave a brief synopsis on her life.

What I want to do is try and narrow down the date a bit more. Also if the school leaving age was 14 in the 1930s did some people leave school earlier? Nan was born in 1920 so should have left school in 1934 but could you leave earlier with permission? I do know they moved the 250 miles from Durham to Essex together.