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National Archives - Podcasts


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Nottingham, England.
Here is a link to some real treasure hidden away on the National Archives website so I thought I'd bring it to the attention of anyone who hadn't found it.


Some of the National Archives' series of talks, including several on family history topics, have been recorded and are available to listen online or to even download.

For an example in ***, Lies and Civil Registration which brings out some of the reasons why you cannot believe everything on a BMD certificate. Good learning for beginners:
***, lies and civil registration
When you have been researching family history for even a short time, you will realise that the information shown on certificates is not always completely accurate! Sometimes this is the result of an honest mistake, or misinterpretation of the question; sometimes people are being 'economical with the truth'; and sometimes they just tell outright lies. Why? The answer is usually to do with money or ***, and sometimes both.
Media files
sexlies.mp3 (MP3 Format Sound, 13.9 MB)
and another:
The annual ancestors lecture: our 17th century ancestors
Once we go back beyond the period of civil registration, census returns and uniform parish registers, it becomes more difficult to trace a family tree. This talk will look at early parish registers, wills, apprenticeship records, hearth tax returns and other records to see how progress might be made when the going becomes difficult.
Media files
17century-ancestors.mp3 (MP3 Format Sound, 21.7 MB)
There are loads more similar to this.
This is a great resource for everyone....
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