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Need help from someone in the UK

Fort Smith, AR
United States
Hello all,
My name is Janet and I live in Fort Smith AR (US). I'm taking a humanities class this summer at the University and one of my assignments is to create a fictional tour with a historic quide. The title of my tour is "Queen Victoria's tour of her English Palaces". So, why am I here? One part of the assignment is to make contact with someone from the country you are studying and get them to send you a personally taken photograph of one of the places on my tour. I'm looking for a photograph of the inside (or outside) of one of Queen Victoria's Palaces which are Kensington, Buckingham, Windsor, or Osborne house. Can anyone provide me with this? I would also like for them to visit my website covering my fictional tour when it's complete (weekend of July 20th) but that is not required. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will return the favor any way I can.
Hi Janet,

as long as you are not seeking to publish the pictures or using them for gain I think you can avoid copyright rules. ! This is personal and private study.

This is how to get the pictures you want.

Firstly Google the places you want such as Buckingham Palace or Osbourne House Cowes . Then look at the pictures and decide which ones you like. If you then right click on the picture it will give you an option to save the picture into your pictures or another location.

It is as easy as that! I have a collection of pictures of churches, villlages and other interesting material with which to illustrate my family tree

good luck with your project, I am sure it wil be excellent

best wishes