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Need Help


texas australia
I am trying to find where in Ireland my great grandmother Mary WELSH was born.
The only information I have is she was born approximately 1881 fathers name James Welsh occupation Hawker and states on her death certificate her mothers name is Mary. She married a John Blessington (also born somewhere in Ireland) in Bradford UK. Any information that I can get on Mary would be appreciated
Hi Yarnee.

The LDS pilot site of Irish Civil Registration birth indexes show there were 96 Mary Welsh/Walsh (you'll need to check both names, I'm afraid) births in the four years 1879-1882. The indexes don't show parents' names or occupation, only the birth certificates do that.

So that's the size of your problem. 96 records at 6 Euros a shot. How's your bank balance? :biggrin:

The irish roots site has records for 84 Mary Welsh/Walsh births/baptisms with a father called James in the years 1877 to 1885. Narrow down the years to 1880-1882 and the number drops to 34. Narrow it down to 1881 only, and there are only seven. However, you have to remember that the site is a long way from having a complete record for all counties.

Was Mary still in Ireland in 1901 or 1911? You might, in due course, be able to find her in the census returns. Not all counties are yet available online, let alone indexed, but that should have been rectified by the end of the year on the National Archives site.

I'm sure you've already tried to find her county of origin, but you really need to exhaust every possible record or resource in the UK. Here are some ideas for exploring the paper train of extended family members to find that nugget of gold.

Good luck.
Mary was born approx 1841 in Ireland to James and Mary Welsh. I do not know know what year she went to Bradford. She and her husband (John) immigrated to Australia in 1874.Every avenue I take with my family tree I hit a brick wall. It is getting very frustrating. Thank you for your help, I keep trying.
Ah, 1841 is a completely different kettle of fish to 1881 (which is what you put in your original message).

For 1841, the only records are church registers and you really need to know both the religion and the location to get anywhere with those. Paying out on the Irish Roots site is an option, but comes with no guarantee.

Good luck