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Need Someone to help with looking for records in Birmingham England

United States
Hello, I am needing someone who would be willing to help look for
records in Birmingham, England. I live in Missouri, USA and have no way of
doing so myself. The records would be for a Henry Worden/Warden or a Henry Rogers/Warden/Worden born in Birmingham, England 12/20/1739, he came to America around 1759-1760's and I can't find any information on his father or mother in Birmingham? His mother it is said was a Rogers???
You help would be greatly appreciated:) Thank You, Dana

While googling the other day I came across a posting for Henry on another forum in 2009. Is this right that Henry attended Oxford University? Try this link to their archives site. Hope this is of help.
Thank you Steve, unfortuatley I do not know what area in Birmingham I need to look in??? I have from a 1882 and 1884 paper that the estate was called Birmingham Park estate, and that the city or parts of it grew up on or around this estate????? So broad, thus the fustration:(. Also, I have no idea about Birmingham itself, nor anything doing with certain areas.

Julie, thank you yes family history is that Henry Rogers Warden/Worden, attened Qxford University, was in his fourth year, and fourth term, and had requested from his father (?) money to pay for some debts that Henry had aquired(unknown (?) kind of debts. His father being frugal, refused, and so Henry, it says being stubborn and felt slighted by his father's refusal to help, left England, and headed for America, and on the way there dropped his last name. Taking instead his mother's maiden name?? Though, the father did, it mentions, searched for Henry, but not knowing that he changed his name proved fruitless. I could send a copy of this paper, via email to anyone interested, it is so much easier to understand, if one where to read it, instead of just getting bits and pieces:)

I live in the solihull area of the midlands which is on the outskirts of Birmingham, may be able to help with areas. I do not know of a birmingham park estate in the area so I guess this has now been renamed or does not exist anymore.

Do you have any other area names to go on.