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need to kick meself.

i have always thought that i was pretty ok doing family history,but just lately i seem like ive lost the plot.i keep losing relly in familys when ive found the other 10. today i realised that i had surmised that my hubby great granda was born here in hartlepool , when i checked i didnt know were he was born.my desk is piled high with reams of paper.i cannot find my irish born father in law.im drinking to much coffee and far to many biscuits while im on this flippin computer, my hubby thinks i now live upstairs and a freind asked if when ive done this tree could i have a look for hers, her father was born in bermuda???.and ive been lookin at new computers and scanners, yes i need to kick meself. HHEEELLLPpp:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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