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need to learn how to say no


Wilmington, North Carolina
United States
I finaly finished a paper. I open mouth and put in foot. I was asked about doing a paper for a History mag and (not thinking) say yes. At same time was asked how about up dating tours at the plantation and again with out thinking said yes. Then at this point put brain in gear. Have just sent paper to mag and it looks as it will be printed in their US Civil War issue. The paper is on getting salt from sea water during the war. I have finished four of ten tours up dates and have four others in the works. I need to learn to think before opening mouth. :eek:
Because of this research have been asked to do/help with summer history classes at local college. still having trubs with saying no.:'(
Well, I hope they appreciate all your hard work. That sounds like a lot of research. It's hard to say no sometimes especially when you feel obliged. Maybe set a deadline and say after such and such a date I'll be busy with other things but thanks for the offer? At least then you might not feel bombarded with work.
Hope it goes okay for you:)
I know how you feel. I started at the beginning of last year being asked to do an article. then ended up on a committee soon to run the management of the historic building. Now I'm writing guides for visitors and more besides. But it's hard to say No isn't it? Partly because admit it it's interesting and rewarding too.
The research is great, the pain is getting 100 plus pages down to ten pages. I found some thing odd having read books/papers/letters from 1840 t0 1890's I wrote in the same style.>:D When my proof reader say this is not modern english:confused:, also found when talking about the importance of salt got some very funny looks, I think my mind had locked in to the time frame. I know all this stuff why does no one else know anything??
On the tours there is a time frame, sometime I am asked how long can I talk on the subject, there is a shock look when i ask can they stay more than a week. >:D but there is so much info that is not taught in schools and when school trips come in to the houses i ask the teacher what is the class studying and the answer is fluff. No history, no math, nothing:mad:
and we wonder why kids know nothing.
I will get off soap box.