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Hello everyone I’m still trying find out anything on Joseph Mason.. son James Mason born 17/11/1905. His partner is Sarah Anne Turner who was previously married to William Sutton, Sarah had a number of children over the years .. Lily, George, and James and a son Joseph who is buried in the war cemetery in Hordley…. I’m interested in Joseph senior? Can’t find anything at all about him!! Please help xx
James was born in packmoor chel UK so I would presume his Dad Joseph would be around the same area but I have no clue to be honest
Doesn't help with Joseph but there is this census entry for 1891
Old Road, Armitage, Lichfield
William Sutton 23 Gen Labourer Armitage
Sarah A Sutton 23 Hill Ridware
Lily Turner 1 Lichfield
Herbert Turner 2 Lichfield

Sarah Ann Turner born Sep 1870 Lichfield 6b 422 mmn Upton.

She is in the 1871 Census with parents Henry and Mary living in Armitage and the same in 1881 but the surname transcribed as Turnor.

I cannot find Sarah Anne or any of her children in the 1901 or 1911 Censuses. Not does Joseph put in an appearance either.
There is a William Sutton in Armitage, Lichfield with a Sarah Anne and a Hilda in the 1921 Census. GRO Index givex Hilda Sutton Jun 1914 Lichfield 6b 998 mmn Turner. The 1939 Register has a William Sutton born 25 April 1862 and Sarah A Sutton born 27 August 1870 living in Armitage, Lichfield. The 1870 birth for Sarah A fits with the GRO ref for Sarah Anne in post #10 and the 1862 birth for William fits with

William Sutton June 1862 Lichfield 6b 485 mmn Goldstraw

Also another child found
Alice Mary Sutton Dec 1892 Lichfield 6b 460 mmn Turner baptised 6 November 1892 in Armitage, parents William and Sarah Ann

I dread to think what they did with all of Sarah Anne's children as none of them seem to appear in the Censuses!
So I’ve just found two Sarah Turners!! One born 7/12/1864 and one born 27/08/1870 born to Henry and Mary Turner, wonder if this is causing any issues finding the marriage and Joseph?!
Sarah Turner Dec 1864 Lichfield 6b 362 mmn Upton -baptised 1 January 1865 Armitage parents Henry and Mary - buried 10 March 1865 Armitage aged 3 months

Sarah Anne Turner Sep 1870 Lichfield 8b 422 mmn Upton - baptised 25 September 1870 parents Henry and Mary

On Sarah Anne's marriage to William Sutton her father is down as Henry Turner occupation Gamekeeper which fits perfectly with the Census entries for him so it is definitely the correct marriage. I can find Sarah Ann and William Sutton in 1921 and 1939 but not in 1901 and 1911. I can't find James Mason born 1905 or any other children apart from Hilda in 1921. She dies aged 15 in 1930.
poor baby bless her ??and it’s a complete mystery, I wonder what happened to all the children ? and why there’s no marriage for Sarah Anne and Joseph.
I don't have a subscription to Ancestry so both the links you have given just take me to a page asking me to subscribe. Any chance you can say what info they give?