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Needs a genius

I'll leave the images there until emeltee has seen them. For copyright reasons such images from subscription sites can't be posted unless they are modified in some way or the details transcribed and posted in a different format.
You do seem to have found the correct family in 1901. I can find Joseph, Jessie and Emma on the GRO Index with mmn Turner. However by 1911 they all seem to have disappeared with the exception of Joseph and a younger brother George born 1904 who are being fostered by a George and Emma Richards in Hordley Shropshire.

My guess is that Sarah Anne married William Sutton then, in the mid 1890s took up with Joseph Mason, had several children with him then, when the relationship ended she went back to husband William Sutton and stayed with him until death. The children were either fostered or adopted and given other names.
Oh wow I didn’t realise she went back to William but that would explain James and Joseph being in care with the surnames Sutton, it’s quite a sad story really isn’t it ? I do wonder what happened to Joseph after as well.