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Nettleton,Wilts. Ward/Marsh families.


I am trying to find descendents of Martha Ann and Alfred William Ward, he was a farmer in Nettleton.Martha was b.1850 in Lincs. Alfred was her cousin they had 3 children. Also descendents of Anna Maria, Martha's sister who md. Thomas Marsh a farmer in Nettleton, they had 7 children. One of their daughters md Fred.Carrier, one md. Alfred Cradock I think. The youngest md her cousin Frank Gale of Notts.

I would be grateful for any info.

Hi Ronny
It is easier to go backwards rather than forwards. I am trying to do the same, and it is hardwork going through the BMD just looking for surnames and not knowing the children's christian names.
You can always hope that someone else see the above message and knows the answer.
good luck

Hi, yes it's easy up to a point, but these families used the same names over and over again,plus they inter md. quite a bit.It's not always easy to know if you have the right people when their names are common and you've no idea how much they moved around. The Wiltshire branch is a recent discovery and there are few people to ask as one tends to be less interested when one is young and the older people are still around. I am hoping to find a living relative with some info. and the icing on the cake would be old photos.


Hi Ronny..dont live far from Nettleton...as you know wWard is a common name....my advise would be to ring any Wards in Nettlton or Chippenham area...chances are they are related or knew your farmer as he had a big farm and people working for him...look in the phonebook,i will be amazed if you find a Ward in Nettleton and they arnt related...this site may help..regards to you Lee.
Hi, they lived in Nettleton, Wilts. Samuel Ward b. 1790s Notts. moved there, he had a wife Mary and a son Alfred who md. Esther Beaven. Their son Alfred Wm. md. his cousin from Notts. and went back to Wilts. Her sister md. Thomas Marsh, she must have known him because of her sister's mge. and lived there too. Samuel had two other sons I think, Arthur Beaven Ward and Walter Beaven Ward.

Thanks for your continued help. I have Manor farm for the Ward family from a census return and Priory farm for the Marsh family. I,m trying to gather all the info. I can from the remaining older generation and then I must get down to some letter writing / phoning.

Well done Ronny...usually the best results...ime 20 mins from Nettleton so if you need any checking out feel free to ask......good luck to you.
Thanks for the offer, I'll let you know if I need you to look anything up fpr me. I have found someone on another site who is looking into the smae family, so have my fingers crossed.

All help is much appreciated,