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Never again.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
I went to one of those multi-screen cinemas Tuesday night, to see Angels and Demons starring Tom Hanks.I watched it in one of the smaller theatres. It held about 200 people but was quite comfortable, with only about 25 people in there watching it with me.
The screen was absolutely huge in comparison with the actual theatre, so my head was going from side to side to catch all the action sequencies. I felt as though I was at Wimbledon.
The sound was set so high, that on a few occasions I had to put my fingers in my ears.
There were also a few sub-titles which proved a bit of a problem. As I read slower than most, and with my head flashing side to side and with my fingers in my ears, it was not the most pleasant night out to the cinema.
And on top of that, they had no toffee popcorn, only salted. I wondered why they only had the salted stuff, and it dawned on me that it makes you thirsty. So copious amounts of drinks needed to purchased. Suckered.:mad:

I enjoyed the film, but not the environment. I'll wait for it to come out on dvd and watch it properly.

My neck is still aching, and my bladder and bowels have taken a hammmering, along with my wallet.



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