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New ancestor Hillary Farnley/Farmer/Fernley.


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I recently found my ancestor was Hillary Farmley/Fernley/Farmer, all 3 of those variants are said in the records. He wed Sarah Sheen in 1681 in Trimley St Martin, Suffolk. I found Hillary listed as Hillary Fernley in the 1674 hearth tax of Suffolk in Trimley. Hillary died in 1701 and was given a Quaker burial at Walton in Suffolk. Suffolk Archives says he left a will, which will be interesting but it would mena a trip to Ipswich which is a long way from me.

I guess Hillary was born c1650. Now his firt name may indicate a family name, but the surname Hillary is quite thin on the ground, although many Suffolk records are not online yet. And, Hillary may be the time of year he was born, which is the Hilary period in January.

In 1679 a William Fernley of Bawdsey (just down the road from Trimley) eft a will and mentions a brother Henry Fernley. Occasionally Hillary is mistaken for Henry and vice versa. In this game you have to think outside the box and consider all possible leads. I think William Fernley mentions a Nicholas Bacon, and William may have originated in Creeting St Peter, or his family did.

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