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new boy

victor harbor
Hi all. I am trying to build my family tree back in England, have found father & backwards on his side while in England this July but not my mothers family. didnt know any of my grandparents. so looking from my mother back. her name was sarah jane jones (nee Allen) 1901-1975. can anybody help me Please ? Fathers name Arthur George jones.

many thanks
brian jones S. Australia

pee wee

Well-known member
Hillbank, Sth Australia
Re: knew boy

Hi Brian, welcome to the forums,

You will find everyone here very helpful. Just post your queries on the relevant forum with as much detail as you can remember as to ages, dates & places & we will try to help.

I did a quick search on freeBMD and found 2 Sarah Jane Allen's born in 1901. One was born 1901 Q2 Reading vol 2c page 337
The other was born 1901 Q4 Rotherham vol 9c page 745.

If you can get hold of your parents marriage certificate that would give you her fathers name. No marriage turned up on freeBMD , but the site isn't yet complete.

welcome again

Cheers Peta

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