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New computer and with Windows 10, coming up.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
My 12 year computer has almost given up the ghost. So I'll be shopping tomorrow for a new one. :rolleyes:

Also, as Windows 7 will not be supported by Microsoft form the 14th of January 2020, with no updates or security of any kind. (There are extensions for MS support, but only within an organization, for a further 3 years, I'm led to believe, but for a fee).

It's time to for me to work out Windows 10 when I get my new computer with a two week trial. Then I'll have to pay for Win10 to be added/downloaded on a permanent basis.

With a great deal of hindsight, I should have got Win10 for free, when it was offered in 2015.

All I can hope for is an easy transition. I'm far from a techy person, regarding computers. Just hope all instructions are in idiot language.:eek::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

If you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks, you'll know why.

Toodles for now.


Should be an easy transition, Steve.

I took the free update to Windows 10 on my old computer by downloading a complete copy to install not by installing on the run. I had a digital license not a product key so when I bought a new computer I had some issues getting the digital license to accept the new motherboard serial number. With a product key it's easy to change components such as a motherboard because you just type the key into the relevant box.

I bought a new computer a couple of months ago and it came with Windows 10 already installed. I didn't have to do anything re downlaoding it etc.
I thought new computers come with a 2 week trial for Win10. But after that, you have to pay for the full amount for Win10.:unsure:

Oh well, I'll find out when it's delivered this week.:whistle:

I thought new computers come with a 2 week trial for Win10. But after that, you have to pay for the full amount for Win10.:unsure:
That is probably MS Office that comes with a trial, Steve. Windows should be part of the computer with nothing further to pay.

Good luck with it :)

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I had a new computer about four weeks ago, like Emeltee, mine came with Windows ten as well, I think they all do except Apple.
If you had MS office on your old PC just transfer it to the new one - I still run MS office from 2007 it still works just fine!
Why keep paying when you have one that works!
On the web there are some reports that you can still get the Win10 update free if you have a fully licensed Win7 - haven't tried it though - upgarding windows is such a pain!
'Yes, Office for Home and Student 2007 can be installed to your Windows 10. However, you may encounter some compatibility issues.'

I'm taking no chances. I'll install or use the latest version available. Why spoil a ship for a 'hapeth' of tar. New monitor as well, along with keyboard and mouse. And new speakers to boot.

My HP printer may be replaced. It's never really worked 100% since I bought and installed it on my old PC......wired or wireless.:mad:

Win10 seems ok, and pretty well ordered. It's trial and error to see what I need from it. Not very much, I think.:LOL::LOL:

Oh, I managed to nail in my printer....had to download a driver for use on Win10. I had a new printer earmarked, but I doubt I'll be needing that any time soon.(y)

It appears that the free upgrade from win 7 or 8 to Win 10 is still active - I upgraded my old win 7 pc to win 10 - all went hunky dory :cool::cool:
Even Office 2007 works OK - Looks like a Win Win situation:)
Hello Im new to the forum and was having a look through when I came across this message. My son bought me a new laptop last year and that has windows 10. I cant get my head around it at all. I know I am not very good with the computer but windows 7 and I got along fine. I have tried to find a class and have been in touch with about 8 with no luck. They don't use 10 only 7. It is driving me daft not being able to do all I need to. When the old laptop died I lost all I had on it including family history back to 1802. Now I have nothing only the biggest headache ever. I don't suppose anyone on the forum knows of any online classes.
I would try and stick with Win10........it's not that difficult. I was thinking I'd be overwhelmed with Win10. But when you get past all the rubbish on the main page, it's no too different to Win7/8.

Ultimately, there won't be any options other that Win10, as all the security updates etc....will end for 7 & 8.
For Excel & Office, etc, in about 3 years, No security updates at all....unless you pay the extra for a group, such as schools,. or other organizations.

I'm and old git, and so far I'm managing it ok.

Ask your son to show you.....and take notes. 80% of what's in Win10, we'll never use. Just focus on the bits you need, and every thing else will drop into place.

As for classes, try your local College or Library for info.

Above all else, save your FH records, in something like Google Drive. Open a gmail account, and you'll have access to apps, such as Google Drive and Photo's, among several other apps. Doesn't cost a penny or a cent for storage, up to a certain point. That way, you can access them, from anywhere, on any computer.

Once your computer blows up, every things gone........been there, bought the T shirt.....only once.! Never store your files, photo's and stuff, only your computer.
I am at present, downloading all my files onto my new computer, at this very moment. (Only the ones I require for family History).;)

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Thank you for such a fast reply. Like the old fool I am I hadn't backed up any of the FH info. I will be making sure I do it this time I do. My son doesn't use the computer he just took me to look for a new one and the as a surprise he paid for it. Im thinking of using a usb stick for back up then I can use it anywhere. I will carry on trying to use windows 10 as I don't usually let things beat me but am getting slower these days. I have asked at almost all places doing computer classes that I can easily get to ( I am not in good health) but they only do windows 7. They will have to change that wont they. Do you know of a site (or place to buy) for ideas on how to set pages for recording the info I get. I do have a folder with hand written info in but it is much less than I lost. Thank you for your most welcome help I will take note of your advice and have a go. Regards
A cursory look for a basic tree chart is here..........https://www.amazon.co.uk/Family-Com...int=&hvlocphy=20491&hvtargid=pla-818087625786

Not sure if this is the kind of thing you're after.

Another course you could take, is signing up for Ancestry or Find My Past(FMP) for a month, or you should be able to get a FREE trial with Ancestry. Not sure about a freebie with FMP.
You can add what you like to your tree, and when the FREE trial is over, you can still access it, to add more. You will need a credit or Debit card to do this.
BUT, don't forget to cancel your FREE trial before it ends, or you'll be signed for a months access. The basic access is called Essentials. £10.99 a month.

A week ago they did an offer for a year for £50, for Premium Access. Not sure if that offer still stands. Take a look and see.

Another thing, is you can download the all the original Ancestry records that you find, to your computer......and it's FREE. Put them on usb stick, if you want.

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