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New Family History Research Support Forum

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Before I decided to do a websearch to see what was out there, I established a new topical forum for both the beginner and more experienced in Family History research.

I have established dedicated boards to a number of subject areas so that it should be easy to find the information you are looking for, or posts on the subject you want to read about.

The forum is brand new, so there is little on it at the moment. I am busy writing some basic guidelines for the raw recruit, which I hope will prove useful. I have been involved in Family History esearch for 27 years now and draw from my own experiences when constructing my guidelines. I am no expert. I simply use the things I have learned so far. I learned my craft in the days before computers became popular, so was very much on my own. There wasn\'t even a local society to join. So, I started one, which proved to be very popular. Unfortunately, due to domestic circumstances, I had to resign from the society but, last I heard, it was still going.

Anyway, my forum is a members forum, which means that to take part in it, you must register. This only takes a few seconds. A password will be emailed to you, which you must use to log in. Once you are in, I suggest going to your profile and changing the password to something you want. If there is any delay in receiving your password, you can email me and I will attend to it for you.

The url of my forum is: http://fhrsf.proboards42.com

I would like to think that my forum will complement this one, and that we can co-operate with each other in developing the interest and abilities of others who begin their journey into family history research.

Many thanks,
Not open for further replies.