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new member


Hello everyone,
I am new to tracing family. My Father in law recently died and left some vague information about the family. He was born 1923 in Montrose and had a sister Jean born 1924, who married Pat Jarvis. I would love to find out if they had any children, still living in the Stirling area, who could still be alive
Other Scottish name are Mary Middleton, who married his father William Kellett in Dundee. William kellett was born in Ulverston Cumbria. Not sur how he got to Scotland, however, the Middletons are from the Montrose area.
Marianne Kellett
Hi Marianne

welcome to the site.
To start with I have looked up the telephone numbers in Stirling and the following are worth ringing

A.Jarvis 01294 231404 Irvine area
K.Jarvis 01294 814 346 Stirling
R.Jarvis 01786 472394.

For the rest make a list of what and whom you know and list them under the correct forum and we 'll see if we can help you.

Hi and welcome to the wonderful and sometimes frustrating world of ancestral research.
We at F.H.U.K wish you every success in your quest to find your ancestral past and our members will help you wherever they can in your search.
To help us to help you, please post your questions; with as much relevant information that you do have in your possession, on the relevant forums and that will assist our members to be able to help you find those answers you are looking for.
Again welcome and we hope you enjoy our numerous forums.
Best regards Sterico .