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New to this and stuck already

Hi there,
I am very new to all this, i would like to trace my family tree and decided to start with my fathers side of the family first as i dont know of any of them past my grandmother, My grandfather Thomas Murphy died in Wallasey in Merseyside in around 1964 I was never told exact date or how old he was other than my dad was only 10 yrs old at the time, all i know is that they lived in gorse crescent in wallasey at the time, i know that my grandad served in the royal navy as chief petit officer for a time before transferring to the merchant navy. I know nothing of his family as my gran lost touch with them after his death. My gran Joyce Murphy nee Green was born in birkenhead on 28/9/1928 and died 1/12/1993. I know nothing of her parents either. i only know that she had 2 sisters called edna and alma, a half sister called linda and 2 half brothers called david and graham. I cant get any information from my father as we dont speak. How do i go about finding the information i need ?
Hi Cazzie: Hurdon here did you try to type in the places where your relatives passed away? I found that helps. Census records are sometimes enlightening. try for a censis using the last name and place of residence of your ancestors let me know if I can help Hurdon
Cazzie: Do you have a death certificate or birth certificate? if so that can lead to some information on the other family members. Did they place an obituary in the paper? Sometimes even if they can't tell you it speaks volumes. Good Luck also check out marriages aproximately during that time your relative lived there. All for now Hurdon
hi hurdon, thanks for your advice :)
I have no birth or death certificates as my dad has both and would never let me see them :'( i dont know exact dates or places of anything regarding my grandad other than he is buried in frankby cemetery in wirral. i have been kept very much in the dark about his history all i know is what i stated in my original post, its seems im hitting a brick wall before i start :'(
Im really at a loss now i cant get any information at all about my grandfather from anywhere, My father wont help me as we dont speak and has never discussed my grandfather anyway due to the nature of his death :'( my grandmother was very much the same to the point i dont even know how old my grandad was when he died .. i only know that it was roughly 1964. I know that he served on the HMS Jamaica with the royal navy before he was in the merchant navy. that would have had to have been in the late 1940's early 1950's as far as i know. I know that my dad was born in 1954 and my grandmother was 25 when she had him. and i know that my grandad did see some action on board Hms jamaica so given what information i have so far at a guess i pressumed that my grandad must have been between the ages of 40 and 50 at the time of his death,, its not really a great deal to go on really. :'(
Hi Hurdon here you say that your grandad was on a ship and served in the war. Here is something if you call up the name of the ship where he was stationed you can get a copy of his ship records. It will tell you what you need to know for he had to supply iinformation so that he could be enlisted. He would have to tell his birthday and his fathers name and mothers. Let me know if this helps you Hurdon.
thanks for the advice hurdon... ive been through everything regarding the ship he served on and come up with nothing so far, and from what ive been told so far i have to be his next of kin to get his service records as he served post 1938, unfortunately im not that would be my father :'( i will have to try and find another way to find out his details
regards cazzie
how daft am i :redface: i just found out from my mum that i had my grandmothers maiden name wrong ,, i was using her mothers maiden name :redface: the name i should be searcing for is Joyce Edwards maybe thats why i cant find any record of her marriage to my grandfather :redface:
Hi Hurdon and Cazzie1978,

Great to see you you helping each other out :) What this community forum is all about!

my grandmothers maiden name wrong ,, i was using her mothers maiden nameÂ
Cazzie1978, don't worry - we have all made the same mistakes! :)

You could try posting in the merseyside mail list

You could also try here for information on Wallasey
You could also track down the local newspaper for the time your grandfather died to see if there was an obituary for him. These are generally good, as it says a bit about him, and relatives also generally add one also.

I have found a website, with information on HMS Jamaica here and the HMS Jamaica Association website Here.
Maybe you could contact the webmaster / contact to see if he has any information regarding your grandfather?

Let us know how you get on,
All the best, :)
Dear Cazzie,
Keep going girl! I have hit so many brick walls in my time researching my family tree, it's no wonder I have a degree of brain damage!!! :wink: If you are fortunate enough to live near the cemetery where your grandfather is buried, you could go and have a look at his headstone - it would at least give you a date of birth and death. I have found that churchyards are an absolute mine of information - all you need is a pad and paper, sturdy shoes(!!) and a camera. Of course, if you don't live near enough then, if you know where your grandfather was born, you could get copies of the parish records. This would probably not tell you his date of birth but would tell you his BAPTISM date and would probably give you his parents names as well. If you need any more help, I'll do what I can!!
Hi Cazzie
I have just found a Thomas Stanley Murphy on Genes Reunited. He was born in 1922 in Wallasey. Could this possibly be your grandfather? I couldn't get any more in depth info than that I'm afraid but you could always take a look! 8)
I have joined this group tonight and have been researching for years. I live in Wirral and have been interested to see someone looking for info on relatives in Wallasey. I would be pleased to help with any info I have or can find in my local area.
My family names include Carlile, Nelson, Hazlehurst, Sutton, Hitchmough, Handley, Peters, Kelly, Mouldsdale and Linacre.

My husbands family names include Birch, Gudgeon, Hardy, Schofield, Waring, Sutton and Lightfoot.

Look forward to hearing from anybody.