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New to this!

Newcastle upon Tyne
Hi everyone, I hope some one out there help me. I'm looking for my half Bother, David Estrine or Esterine, mother Irene Whiteoak, born in Newcastle upon Tyne in the 60's. David moved to Birmingham, after our mother died, with his father in 1969-70 when I was about 3yrs old. He also has a younger brother Leslie Steven Ford who was about 4yrs old when David left Newcastle.
Re:To my little sister shushan4d

Hi little sister, i hope you and family are well. I came to Newcastle and tried to find out where you were. I spoke to your dad Leslie and got an address in i think it was Gateshead. my step mom took it, for reasons i dont know. She is dead now though. Your request or thread was correct in what you said. I just was looking for our mom's name and i came across this site and your request was what came up first.
I'm not sure how these forums work and not sure if everyone else can see what i write.You can contact me through email

Email address removed for security reasons as per site policy.

Please use the PM system to exchange personal details.

After three moderated posts user names turn green and the PM (Private Message) system should be used to exchange personal information such as an email address.

Peace, nuff nuff love & guidance.
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Re: To my little sister shushan4d

not sure if everyone else can see what i write.
Hi David,

Yes everyone can see what you write which is why i have deleted the swear words.

shushan4d has only been and posted on the forum once in 2008 and has not logged back in since. Hopefully if she hasnt changed her email address she might get a notification email saying someone has replied to her thread.
Good luck.