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Newbie advice desp needed

Im trying to trace my family tree and havent got a clue where to start.
also are there any free sites you can do this or do they all charge a small fee.

the only information i have is my grans mother was called gladys taylor born in tunbridge wells kent on the 28th may in the 1900's

her mum was anne taylor who was born in london and her stepdad was harry waghorn my nan never knew her dad

my grans father was victer earnest jackson he was in the navy and born in colchester on 28th nov but yet again yr unknown

his parents were ada swindle born in ireland and his dad was earnest jackson

that is all i know can i do anything with this information and how do i get started


Hi Tania,

Found the following marriage Harry Waghorn year 1913 dist Tonbridge spouse Taylor vol 2a page 1924. There is a Annie Taylor listed.

To obtain certificates


This isnt a closed case at all just a bit more searching. See links below.

Ancestry partial bmd and the 1881 census are free to view, but the other resources are pay per view.


Findmypast is pay per view


The National Archives at Kew this will help with your Gt grandads Naval history.


Rootsweb free bmd

Will still have a look in the meantime.

I has a quick look at the 1901 census for an Anne Taylor born in London - with a name that you wouldn't imagine was uncommon, I expected to find a bagful of them. In fact, only two showed up.

Anne Taylor, aged 35, an inmate at Whitechapel Workhouse


Anne J Taylor, aged 24, a housekeeper living with Charlotte ES Reddell (an author, widowed). Anne is shown as married, and living in the same household is Henry J Taylor, aged 30, also married - can't quite make out his occupation.

Given their ages, I wonder if the second is a better match for 'your' Anne?

Kind regards

Hi Julie
Thanks for that i shall chk it out, if that turns out to be the lady i am after, what will my next step by i am a total newbie with this , how will finding this certificate help me find more past relatives

thomas thanks for looking too i shall check these out to, but i dont think it would be the last anne as she never married the father of her baby sha married a man named harry waghorn
Hi Tan,

Is it for the certificate?


You will need to log in just follow the instructions.

The marriage certificate will give you the fathers name and occupation and also the ages of the bride and groom and their occupation. The ages will then help as to which year they were born or round about, also the take note of who are the witnesses these could be family members.

Have I read this right that Anne and Victor never maried?

Last edited:
Thanks for all yr help, no victor and gladys were married they were my nans parents
anne taylor is gladys mother and gladys had the surname of taylor as she wasnt harry waghorns daughter

Victors parents were ada swindle born in ireland and his dad was earnest jackson

is there anyway i can chk the marriage certificate with out buying it, cause if i can see it on the pc and ask my nan if that sounds right and if there occupations are right i wont mind buying it but i dont want to buy it if its the wrong people
Hi Tania,

The only way to see the info is to purchase the marriage certificate. I think that its proberable its the right one, or you'll be going round in circles trying to figure out which one is which and your not get off the starting line, as the saying goes you've got to speculate to accumalate.

Hi Tania,
My name is Amanda Waghorn, I am Born and breed in Tunbridge Wells.
Harry Waghorn is my great grandad, Annie Taylor is my great grandmother.
Their son Leslie Edwin Waghorn, was my grandfather, my fathers dad.
I am almost certain that we have family in common.
I have photos and Much more to share if you are intrested.
Would love to hear from you.
Please email me privately if you wish.
Take care,
Amanda x