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Newbie first request for help!

Morning all,
I'm Rob and I'm new to this site. Despite being a seasoned researcher I find myself at a brick wall and decided to try one of these forums to see if anyone can help knock it down. Having talked some friends into starting their family research I've been helping them get off the blocks and have given them all the basic tools and tips etc. That said, one of them has come across an issue I can't resolve so I thought I'd see if anyone else has any more luck!
We have a couple named George DEAN Bn abt 1860 Hanley Staffs and his wife Elizabeth Bn Abt 1865 Mayfield, Staffs.
We have located them in the 1911 census which stated they've been married 24 years, have had 9 children, 7 of which still living.
We have also located them in the 1901 and 1891 census.
In 1891 they appear to have relocated to Wiltshire, but then move back to Staffs.
A couple of their children are given middle names of CHAPLAIN, suggesting that mothers maiden name was CHAPLAIN and indeed have located an Elizabeth CHAPLAIN in Mayfield of the right age.
All of this suggested that an easily located marriage in about 1887 would appear when searched..... therein lies the issue!
Despite advising the friends that the vast majority of couples would have been married and followed the "norm" of society back then, we appear to have found a couple that didn't and for no apparent reason.
Can anyone find a marriage of a George DEAN to an Elizabeth - possibly CHAPLAIN or CHAPLIN (name has been used in both forms) between 1887 to 1891 (when first child appears to have been born - there may have been 1 born prior to 1891 but this has not been located.
A number of trees online have this family in them but none appear to have located a marriage and all have the date of marriage as 1887 working back from the 24 years suggested in the 1911 census.
Thanks in anticipation of your assistance or suggestions..... I'll be away for a couple of hours as have to paint my mums bedroom ceiling, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that someone reads this while i'm up the ladders!

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