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Hello Everyone :

Like many of you I am new to chat rooms. I have been researching my family history, off and on, for the past 20 years. With the advent of the internet I have discovered more about my ancestors than I ever had by researching library census files, ships logs, historical records in Ottawa Canada and cemetary files. My only complaint is that companies such as Ancester.com charge an exhorbitant fee, which they annually renew as a condition of the sale. Hence, I have been trying to obtain the information myself. My approach has not always been that successful.

My family origins are located primarily in Scotland although there may be an English and/or Irish element. The current names that I am investigating are: Kennedy, Clark, Maxwell, Buckham, McDiarmid, Fergusson, and Switzer (Irish and/or German connection definetly Swiss).

I have made progress with the Kennedy branch as far back as the mid 1700's in Dull, Perth although I am having difficulty locating the dates of their emigration. As for the other family names I can only trace backwards a few generations and then I get stuck. I am totally lost with the names Clark and Maxwell. It is as though one day they simply emerged from the ether. The McDiarmid ancestor was my great, great uncle's wife. So if any of you are looking for that ancestor I can help you out with the names of her husband and children. I will provide more info when I start to trace her children's children etc.

Looking forward to chatting with you all about our mutual passion.

Hi How far have you got with the Maxwells? Kennedys and Maxwells are both common names in Ayrshire and Galloway. Of course the Maxwell has some famous people in its family including Gavin Maxwell who wrote Ring of Bright Water and there is the house in Glasgow which belonged to the Maxwell Family and is now a museum and in the estate is the famous Burrell Museum. Also Maxwell the scientist who lived in Castle Douglas in Galloway. Great if you had connections to them. In Ayrshire there is Kennedy Castle near Ballantrae, home to the Kennedy family for centuries. I don't know if you have any connections there.welcome