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Newby from DownUnder

Hello People

I live in South Australia, was born in New Zealand and both my parents have their origins in different parts of the UK. My father's family came from Walsall and surrounding counties while my mothers came from around Suffolk-Norfolk, plus Scotland-Northern Ireland.
Currently I am following up DNA Matches by trying to find the Most Recent Common Ancestors and that is leading me a real dance around the UK! So far I have managed to trace people back 7 generations to the common ancestor several times, plus many at 4, 5 and 6 generations. I am going to keep going with all the family branches until I cannot reach any further!
I am happy to help others when I have a difficult blockage on my own tree and can look up Passenger Arrivals in Australia plus Electoral Rolls for people trying to trace relatives DownUnder. :giggle:
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