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Hello everyone, just thought I'd share with you how useful I have found the British Newspaper Archives to be. I found many snippets of information about my great-grandparents and also found the date of 2xgreat-grandparents wedding in 1835 because they very thoughtfully put it in a local paper in celebration of. This same notice gave me the name of the bride's father which took me back another generation.

The articles have enabled me to have a glimpse into their lives, everday activities and a court case which my grt-grandparents pursued against a member of the aristocracy who was coal-mining under their land ( they lost ).

Researching: Bowden; Stretton; Hopley; Barker and Wolliscroft.
Good that you have found out so much......the National Archives are an incredible supply about everyday life in every village,town or city in the UK.

I can spend hours reading them.....it dosn't need to be family history either....just history.

Good luck on any other research you do.
I understand that the subscription for th British National Newspaper Archive is soom to be included in FMP subsriptions. If you subscribe to FMP, might be worth a wait rather than have two subcriptions. The Australian newspapers on Trove are also excellent sources.
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Just back from a week in the National Archives. Could have spent a year there. Never even got to the newspapers. But got lots of help and now have copies of original documents as well as a new mystery to solve about militias in early to mid 1800's. I'll post about them later.