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nicholas clarke


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i'm looking for information on nicholas clarke born 1744 ringmer sussex. i know he married ruth beard born 1751 ringmer sussex. when did nicholas clarke die?who are his parents?

please help


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Hi Nicola

If you had used the information that we have given you for looking up people,you would have found his parents on www.familysearch.org.

Next time also try using the Pilot search under the heading Search, which is where I found them.
His father is John Clark and Catherine. He married Ruth 9th Aug 1770. at Ringmer.

The website is under going maintenance today so it is too slow to wait for any further info.

W,Sussex Record office will have the details of his death.You just have to wade through the years from his marriage. I cannot guess !!

If you want Ruth's baptism you will have to go to the Record office, and the same for Nicholas's parents marriage. The same goes for their children. If they are not on the Familysearch site, then it is the Record office.

Not everything is on the Web sadly. It is all down to volunteers who do the transcribing.
Nicholas was born 28 Oct.1744.

Good luck in your hunt
Nicholas CLARK(E) baptised Ringmer 28 Oct 1744 is the 3rd of 8 children of John & Catharine CLARK(E) bapt at Ringmer between 1741 & 1756.

He is presumably the same Nicholas CLARK(E) who married Ruth BEARD at Ringmer 9 Aug 1770. They had at least 10 children bapt at Ringmer 1771-1800, but that includes a suspicious gap between 1773 - 1780 when we had a very incompetent/lazy/under-paid curate. The gap includes another baby CLARK (William) whose parents are not named.

Nicholas & Ruth's second daughter Elizabeth (bapt 6 Jun 1773) had an illegitimate daughter Lucy bapt 8 Jun 1794 (while Elizabeth's mum was still in steady production) but then married Isaac TRIGWELL on 16 Mar 1796, begetting a very substantial family including John TRIGWELL (transported 1837), if I have the right link. Elizabeth swore her 1794 baby to Thomas BEDWELL commonly called DICKER, 'late of Ringmer', implying he had successfully evaded the parish officers [ESRO/Par.461/34/2/4]. Incidentally, Ringmer records are in the East Sussex Record Office.

Nicholas & Ruth are probably the Nicholas CLERK buried at Ringmer on 10 Aug 1814aged 72 and the Ruth CLARK buried at Ringmer on 21 Jul 1822, also said to be aged 72 (but the age probably isn't correct, as if it was she would have had her last child at the age of 50).

Ringmer has an 1802 overseers' rate that, unusually, lists labourers too poor to be expected to pay, as well as the ratepayers. This lists Nicholas CLARK & Isaac TRIGWELL right next to each other and, I think, on the Broyleside, where John CLARK had also lived in a rented cottage later occupied by Isaac TRIGWELL. Both were too poor to be expected to pay.

Isaac TRIGWELL later moved to Ashton Green, Ringmer, or 'Sodom' as the vicar referred to it in the parish registers. To be fair when the same vicar notes in his diary visits to the elderly Isaac & Elizabeth, he writes positively about them.

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