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Adelaide South Australia
Hi all, sorry its taken so long to get back to you. that's life!
I've been searching for an ANDREW NEILSON (sic) born 4th February 1781 in Fifeshire, Scotland, possibly around the Kettlebridge /Kingskettle area to a James ILSON and Katherine Scot(t). He married Helen Henderson 15th June 1799in that area. 1841 Census shows him as a Linen Hand Loom Weaver. I cannot find a death anywhere in that area on the usual sites eg. Ancestry/FMP/ScotlandsPeople/FamilySearch/FifeFHS Discussion Board.
Any help or guidance as to where to look further would be very much appreciated. Thank You Marg
Hello Marg,

Do you have him in 1851 and 1861? If he died in Fife before 1855 but not say Dunfermline then much less chance of finding a death. If he died after 1855 then it should be possible to find his death.

Not a lot of help, but date range looks to be 1841-1851..

Helen (mother) is with son, William in 1851 and dau, Isabella in 1861. No sign of Andrew (father).

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While in the Dunfermline Library in 2008 I looked though a book of Dunfermline Abbey interments. I found a few I needed for my tree like this one:

Dunfermline Abbey Interments:
Mrs Sands of East Port St - Age 72 - Died 24 Aug 1856 of Influenza and buried 27 Aug 1856 Stranger Ground No. 3 8th room centre plot.

Don't know if that means a stack of 8.

Some details from ScotlandsPeople
OPR Deaths & Burials IMPORTANT
Very Sparse Coverage



Thank you all regarding this 'brick wall' - I have scouted through Scotlands People and so many permutations, even Ilson, Ielson etc. I think it has narrowed it down to before 1855 though, but still no death is recorded for him. He has just disappeared - any more help would be appreciated though. Thank you once again. I will also keep on looking. :mad:
As explained on SP pre-1855 death/burials/hire of mort cloth - Very Sparse Coverage

I have dozens in my tree pre-1855 that can't be found. SP also pointed out there are no pre-1855 records still to be added to the site. Those that exist are on the site as listed for the various parishes and years.

Agreed some names have more possible variations than others that have to be considered. But SP allows you to search by using 'names starting with' option. You can still get one full page of index entries for 1 credit.

I can't see a death in Fife for an Andrew niel.../neil.../ileson/ilson/illson/ealson/earlson

Piece: SCT1841/435 Place: Kettle -Fife Enumeration District: 3
Civil Parish: Kettle Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Folio: 3 Page: 11
Address: Hole Kettle Bridge
Surname First name(s) *** Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
NEILSON Andrew M 60 Linen Hand Loom Weaver Fife
NEILSON Helen F 60 Fife
NEILSON William M 25 Linen Hand Loom Weaver Fife
NEILSON Isabella F 20 Linen Hand Loom Weaver Fife

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Outside of Fife there are 2x Andrew NEILSON 1841 to 31 Dec 1854.

Thanks so much Dave for your diligence in looking for this elusive fellow. We have looked through every variation we can think of. I think he just passed away at his loom in mid-weave! Possibly his death has been lost in translation, or just lost ! I will leave him to R.I.P. !!